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Our experience - your guarantee

ComfortSystem Scandinavia AB has since the start in 1987 developed medtech products with a clear purpose; we want to contribute to a better care environment for both care takers and care givers, at the same time as we create conditions for financially sustainable investments - always with people’s best in mind.

Since 1987, we have gathered experience and knowledge about the needs and challenges faced in healthcare.
ComfortSystem has always been imbued with a drive to offer a service and commitment beyond the ordinary. This means that when you choose us as your partner, you should feel confident in your choice, and you should get the absolute best products together with our knowledge and our commitment - Our experience is your guarantee.

Focus on quality & enviroment

At ComfortSystem we believe that the key to success is to focus, since 1987 we have focused on creating the best conditions possible for those who lie in, and work around the nursing bed.

We know that our Swedish-made quality products last a long time. Our customers testify that the road to successful investments is about long-term thinking - it should always be favourable to invest in quality.

Through quality and long-term perspective, we also create the conditions for a better and sustainable environment.
We are constantly working on improvements regarding production methods, constructions, material selection and how we act in our daily operations. Among other things, we have developed a method of transporting beds that has reduced the need for transport by 30%!

ComfortSystem focuses on beds for health and social care. We develop and market our products ourselves, which means that we know our products down to the smallest detail. If you give us a call, you will always receive a quick answer about function, performance, accessories, solutions for technical problems etc.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001