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Our experience - your guarantee

Since its start in 1987, ComfortSystem has more or less kept the same ownership and has operated under the same name – a fact that is almost unique today in our industry. Our long experience and knowledge of our product assortment, means that as a customer you can feel secure in your choice.


ComfortSystem focuses on beds for health and social care. We develop and market our products ourselves, which means that we know our products down to the smallest detail. If you give us a call, you will always receive a quick answer about function, performance, accessories, solutions for technical problems etc.

Delivery reliability

ComfortSystem's products are manufactured by a network of skilled suppliers in our immediate vicinity, around Huskvarna. This, together with well-developed logistics, means we can promise and maintain very high delivery reliability. This is important, not least when you have an urgent need for spare parts or accessories!


To us, our partners is a very important part of our business idea.
As a wise man once said: “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”.
At ComfortSystem, we have taken this seriously and has therefore chosen our partners with care. It is important that we share values regarding quality, functionality, design and service.
Below is some of our selected partners.

Service & Inspection


We know how important it is that a medical aid is working. 
By Mistake, it is not only the patient who is smitten, the workload on the healthcare staff increases and a large part ot the business is suffering.

At ComfortSystem we let the word quality pervade everything we do. To ensure operation, safety and optimal service life, we offer service and inspection of all our products. By letting a specialist take care of your investment, it is even more important to buy a quality product.

We offer both ongoing service and individual inspection and service of your healthcare products, tailored to your needs.


We provide service and inspection of all your beds. We make a thorough review of the bed and if any wear parts need to be replaced we will fix it immediately. We also inform you if there are security risks and we fix it immediately.

Contact us for inquiry or further information about the service agreements we offer.



Contact us for inquiry or further information about the service agreements we offer.


Tel: 036-51590

ComfortSystem wants to work towards an improved environment in the future. Therefore, we are working actively with constant improvements to our production methods, designs and our choice of materials as well as how we act in our daily operations. Among other things, we have developed a method for packaging beds that has reduced our transport needs by ca 30 %! We are certified according to ISO 14001!

Today, ComfortSystem products maintain a high level of quality; nevertheless, we can always be better! Therefore, we are working actively with our suppliers, in accordance with our quality system, in order to find constant improvements! A high quality product is also good for the environment – it lasts longer and thus has a lower environmental impact! We are certified according to ISO 9001!

A good environment and high quality benefits us all!