QVINTETT 105 & 120CM

QVINTETT 105 & 120CM

QVINTETT 105 & 120cm - those who require more

QVINTETT 105 & 120 are made for users who need more space. The beds provide a high level of comfort and safety. The QVINTETT bed has been tried and tested over many years, and this has resulted in a safe and reliable bed system. The bed in the picture is equipped with the SAFIR 3-60 bed frame including integrated bed rails.

QVINTETT 105 & 120 is designed to ease the handling, assembly and transport of the bed. The bed mechanics can be easily dismantled into four (five) parts without using tools, which eases delivery and assembly in cramped spaces. However, it is not necessary to dismantle the bed for transport – the bed can be moved just as easily on a so-called bed transport trolley.



QVINTETT HANDLING offers many options for dismantling and transport. Dismantling is performed without tools.


The height of the bed is adjustable electrically. It can be easily separated between the sprung base and bed lift, without using tools. Apart from the horizontal position, the sprung base can be adjusted, continuously and independently, using the electric motor as described below. All adjustments are made with the bed's control unit.

The bed in the picture is equipped with the SAFIR bed frame including integrated bed rails.


The bed's backrest is active, which means the backrest, when rising, lifts up/backwards and in this way alleviates skin blisters.

The bed's metal parts are powder coated.

The bed's lying surface consists of glued laminated, sprung wood ribs (6 ply) with foil surface. The wood ribs are suspended in flexible rubber sleeves, manufactured from an age resistant rubber compound.

All surfaces can be cleaned with readily available cleansers and disinfectants.

Comfort Qvintett is driven by a low voltage system, 24 V. Low voltage motors with inbuilt limit sensors for gentle start and stop, protection class IP X6.

The electronics unit contains an inbuilt transformer, 220V/24V, as well as electronic protection against overloading, protection class IPX6. The backrest motor only applies pushing pressure, to eliminate the risk of being trapped under the backrest.

Max noise = 47 dB.

CE marked according to bed standard IEC 60601-2-52.

Bed frame Safir 3-60 Type 105 Type 120
Total external size, length 214 cm 214 cm
Total external size, width 117 cm 132 cm
Total internal size, length 206 cm 206 cm
Sprung base QVINTETT
Division 4 parts 4 parts
Backrest 77 cm 77 cm
Seat section 20 cm 20 cm
Leg section 37 cm 37 cm
Foot section 56 cm 56 cm
Max mattress size 105x200 120x200
Can be extended to (internal size) 221 cm 221 cm


  Weight - sprung base QVINTETT    
  Back frame 28 kg 33 kg  
  Footframe (excl, leg-/foot section) 22 kg 25 kg  
  Leg-/foot section (removable) 11 kg 12 kg  
  Total weigt 61 kg 70 kg  


Wheel lock C lock  
Wheel diameter, standard 100 mm  
Alternative wheel diameter 50, 80 mm  
Lowest height * ca 29-34 cm  
Highest height * ca 77-82 cm  
Clearance ca 11-16 cm  
Weight 56 kg  
SWL (Safety working load) 220 kg  
User weight 185 kg  
*) Size given excl. mattress.