Optimal 5zone Plus

Optimal 5zone Plus

Optimal 5zone Plus is especially designed for very heavy people, up to 270 kg. It is used in all types of healthcare environments for bedsore prevention and as help in treatment of sores up to and including category 1. It is a combination mattress that is placed directly on the base of the bed and replaces both the standard mattress and the overlay mattress.

The mattress has excellent pressure equalisation and is equipped with our unique sit function. The sit function is designed to give support when sitting and is at the same time very comfortable in the reclining position.

Optimal 5zone Plus is delivered with a divisible cover. The soft and elastic material breathes, so the mattress feels drier and cooler. The cover is equipped with a drip-shielded, divisible zip fastener and functional handles for transportation of the mattress.

Core: HR-foam 65+50 kg/m³
Height: 15 cm
Cover: Divisible
User weight: 100-270 kg
Fire: SS 876 00 01(B)/EN 597-1, -2
Warranty: 2 years

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