SV45 - the simple grab rail

SV - det enkla stödhandtaget

SV grab rail is for use as an aid when changing position in bed and when moving to/from bed.
SV grab rail is easy to install and it sits stabile on the bed. It can be mounted on the right or the left side of the bed.
SV grab rail has a good height, which also makes it useable with thicker mattresses.
Easily gripped surface.


A grab rail for installation against the sprung base's longitudinal metal section. Easy installation without tools.

NOTE! When attaching the grab rail SV45/75, there must be a maximum of 6 cm or at least 32 cm between the grab rail and the bed end.

Manufactured from powder coated, steel tubing.

All surfaces can be cleaned with readily available cleansers and disinfectants.

Together with the Comfort Bed System, SV45/75 complies with current standard.

Max 75 kg

SV45          (30x45 cm for QVINTETT)
SV45H        (30x57 cm for QVINTETT)
SV75          (75x57 cm for QVINTETT)

Weight, complete grab rail = 4 kg

Width SV45 = ca 30 cm
Width SV75 = ca 75 cm
Height SV45/SV45-2000 = ca 40 cm (measured from the sprung base)