RESOLUT - the flexible raising aid


RESOLUT – simple, versatile raising aid with a smart design.
RESOLUT helps and supports when moving to/from bed. Simply folds away when not in use.
RESOLUT is easy to use and, thanks to the unique joint, no special conversions are needed to use
the support on the right or left side. Turn the raising aid 180° to adjust for left or right use.
It is placed in the bed's davit attachment – it does not need special installation.


Raising aid that is installed in the bed's davit attachment. In the lowered position, it is used for support when moving to/from bed. It can be easily raised into the vertical position when it is not in use. The support's unique joint makes it easy to place it on the right or left side. No tools needed, fold the support 180 degrees to the desired position. The raising aid can withstand loads of up to 75 kg.

Easy installation without tools.

Manufactured from powder coated, steel tubing. The joint is manufactured from plastic reinforced with glass fibre.

All surfaces can be cleaned with readily available cleansers and disinfectants.

Together with the Comfort Bed System, RESOLUT complies with current standard.

Max 75 KG


Weight, complete raising aid = 3.6 kg

Total height = ca 100 cm in the raised position.
Length = the joint in the lowered position extends about 45 cm from the bed.