QURIR - foot lift you waiting for


To lift your feet up in bed for many older people is an impossible operation, thus limiting their freedomsignificantly.

Even a heavy moment for those around the patient as to assist in the movement.
The legs weigh about 30% body weight, leading to significant burdens on those involved.

ComfortSystems QURIR helps with total movement from floor to wheelchair using a patented power-operated boom.

QURIR mounted in one of the hot shoe as ComfortSystem beds have as standard equipment.


Foot lift QURIR is a tool that helps user to get the feet up from the floor and all the way into the middle of the bed.
Some patients using QURIR fend for themselves in this movement, others require assistance from staff. Lift the leg consists of many heavy elements that are facilitated by foot lifter QURIR.

Foot lift QURIR can be used in other parts.
When the patient is lying in bed can the foot basket lift leg / fibula so the foot is exposed. Good for foot care,changing of wound dressings and alleviate pressure on the heel for a short period.

The swelling of the foot, ankle or leg may fotlyften QURIR easily lift your feet into a better position for unloading.

Manufactured from powder coated, steel tubing. The joint is manufactured from plastic reinforced with glassfibre and foot basket of fabric.

Can be cleaned with normally occurring cleaning agents and disinfectants.
Foot basket and ribbon machine washable, 60 degrees.
Remove stripes before.

Complete weight = 7.5 kg

Lifting height = ca 95 cm
Length of arm = 100 cm
Length of sling = 50 cm (std)