COMFORTABEL - the light bed backrest


COMFORTABEL - Adjustable backrest

With ComfortSystem's adjustable backrest, you get an electrically adjustable backrest with comfort, convenience and simplicity in focus. With the touch of a button, the backrest provides a comfortable ride from laying to sitting.

Thanks to its low weight, is easy to transport and assemble. The acctuator can be easily and without tools placed on the right or left side.

As an accessory there is a so-called seat lock that allows the backrest to be fixed using the user's own weight, as well as a support & turn handle for turning and moving in bed.


The bed backrest is placed on an existing bed, between the mattress and the bed mattress and is secured in place with a strap. Using a side-mounted motor (double side-located on 120 cm), the backrest can be raised up to a comfortable sitting position. The motor can be easily without tools adapted for placement on the right or left side. As an option, a support & turn handle and a 'fixing cloth', which uses the user's weight to secure the bed backrest. Especially useful when there is no natural stop for the bed backrest at the bed's head end.


The bed backrest is manufactured from powder coated steel sections and cotton fabric. The backrest is driven by a low voltage motor (24V) that is connected to a transformer (220/24V) and it is controlled by a hand control connected to the motor. Protection class IP X4

All surfaces can be cleaned with readily available cleansers and disinfectants.
The backcloth can be washed at 60 degrees.

Manufactured according to IEC / FDIS 60601-2-52 and complies mutatis mutandis.
CE marked according to MDD 93/42.

145 kg

CS36-2 Comfortabel 80 cm, 24V
CS37-2 Comfortabel 90 cm, 24V
CS38-2 Comfortabel 105 cm, 24V
CS39-2 Comfortabel 120 cm, 24V

8000200 Sit lock for Comfortabel (accessory)
8000201 Comfortabel Support and Turn Handle (accessory)

Weight, complete backrest CSxx-2:

80-90 cm = ca 10 kg
105 cm = ca 13 kg
120 cm = ca 17 kg

Width = suitable for standard 80, 90, 105 och 120 cm beds.
Length = ca 75 cm