COMFORT BEDLIFTSYSTEM - a simple solution to lift the existing beds / mattresses

Comfort sänglyftsystem

Based on our proven bed lift, we have developed a complete bed lifting system. Does the same bed liftand can be used for our range of bedsteads, and secondly, to raise existing beds / mattresses. A solutionthat may reduce the need for layers.


COMFORT BEDLIFTSYSTEM installed in existing beds, for example, mattresses and bed frames, and are electrically adjustable in height. However, requires that the existing bed is sufficiently stable and assembled in such a way that it is able to be lifted:
With the help of the adjustable lifting brackets, it is easy to customize the bed lift system to the existing bed. Bed liftis available in two widths, for 80-90 cm bed 105-120 cm bed. Thin bed lift can be supplied with individual or centrallocking wheels, wide bed lift alone with central locking wheels.
Lifting pole and grab bar / support gate can be installed to facilitate the including transfers!

Bed lift system's metal parts are powder coated.

All surfaces can be cleaned with normally occurring cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Bed lift system powered by a low-volt system, 24 V. The lift motor has built-in limit switches for smooth start / stop.

Max noise = 47 dB

CSMQ-Exxx = Bed lift for 80-90 cm in width, individually locked wheels *
CSMQ-Bxxx = Bed lift for 80-90 cm in width, central locking wheels *
CSMQ-LXXX = Bed lift of 105-120 cm width, central locking wheels *
*) Xxx = wheeldiameter, 050, 080, 100 or 125 mm (125 mm applies only to individually locked wheels).
6001 = Lifting pole mount
6002 = Lifting brackets 80-90cm (set)
6003 = Lifting brackets 105-120 (set)
6004 = Bar for mounting grab bar/support gate
TP-031 = Grab bar for mounting on bar (6004)
TP-112 = Support gate for mounting on bar (6004)

Wheel lock C-lås C-lås I-lås
Wheel diameter, standard 100 mm 100 mm 125 mm
Alternative wheel diameter 50, 80 mm 50, 80 mm 50, 80, 100 mm
Lowest height ca 24-29 cm ca 24-29 cm ca 20-28 cm
Highest height ca 72-77 cm ca 70-75 cm ca 77 cm
Clearance ca 11-16 cm ca 11-16 cm ca 7-15 cm
Weight 43 kg 58 kg 40 kg
SWL (Safety working load) 250 kg 250 kg 250 kg
User weight 200 kg 200 kg 200 kg