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Welcome to attend the breakfasts. Enjoy a nice breakfast and see news from Handicare, Mercado Medic and ComfortSystem. Find more info during fairs / education.

Thank you to all the visitors at Leva & Fungera in Gothenburg for nice fair days.
The winner of the ljugarbänk became Hanna Pilbackes, Smögen, Congratulations.

ComfortSystem launches a new turning and displacement aid in the Swedish market.
TurnAid is a Danish innovation that combines the fantastic possibilities a turnaround provides, along with the simplicity we have never seen before.
Contact your product specialist and we will tell you more!

The cities and dates of the year are now out during fairs / education.

ComfortSystem stays open as usual during the Christmas and New Year holidays.

When quality and function determines.
Jönköping Municipality has chosen beds from ComfortSystem.
We thank you for your confidence.

Thank you all visitors to "Focus Aid" in Västerås for nice fair days.

CONTINUE confidence when quality and function can determine.
Örebro Municipality with surrounding municipalities has chosen a bed from ComfortSystem in the next few years.
We thank for continued trust.

ComfortSystem offers delivery notification on your shipment by mail.
Email us customer number with the current email address if desired.

ComfortSystem is practicing and this time it's Save the Children who get a real boost to their work.