We attend the following fairs: 

Leva & Fungera 4 - 6 April -17 Gothenburg

Svenska Demensdagarna 3 - 4 Maj -17 Gothenburg

Hjälpmedel & Livskvalitet 8 - 9 November -17 Kista


One-day seminar "You, We and Ergonomics" is a collaboration between ComfortSystem and Modern Work Technology and Movement Knowledge in Home-Short-term Retirement Environment.

The seminar focuses on unit managers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, instructors in mobility skills and assistant professors.

Participants are actively involved in relocations based on setting their own limits, looking at ways to achieve a good working environment with different solutions.

Pedagogically can spread the way in which "You, We and Ergonomics" interact.

It's free and we invite you to coffee.

Helsingborg 28 - 30 March

Västerås 26 - 28 September

Gothenburg 31 Oktober - 2 November

Östersund 5 - 7 December

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Bed education

"Bed education" at the headquarters in Huskvarna includes a deeper education in our bed system and general knowledge of the standards that govern the design of the beds. The education also includes a section where we review the bed and the contents of the protocol. It also includes factory visits from our main supplies where we see how a bed is made.

Th education is during two days! 

24 - 25 April -17 Huskvarna

9 - 10 October -17 Huskvarna

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